Things To See & Do


Unawatuna is one of the most popular Diving destinations for travelers who visit Sri Lanka. The beautiful 2 kilometer long, white sandy bay is lined with coconut palms invite you to have a unique and an unforgettable Diving experience.
Diving schools lined around the beach are always ready to couch you and assist you to make you satisfied with your Single and Introductory dives and wreck and deep dives. There are no less than 8 wrecks in the vicinity, including an old wooden English ship – the Rangoon lying at a depth of 30 m.


You can also snorkel off the beach at Unawatuna. The best snorkeling is about 1 km offshore, hence you will need to hire the Submarine dive school’s glass-bottom boat.Snorkeling equipment could also be hired from them as well as from a couple of cheaper shacks nearby on the beach.

Please be sure to check out all snorkeling equipment you hope to hire as there are plenty of dud masks and snorkels in circulation.

Surfing in Kabalana

Cozy “Kabalana” in Southern Coast of Sri Lanka is great for surfing during the low season when the sea is getting a bit ruffed and even windsurfing has become more popular.

A lot of Visitors as well as locals surf at Kabalana Area, where the waves are as good as nearby Hikkaduwa & Mirissa. Surf Lovers are warmly welcome by The “Kabalana Beach Hotel” which is owned by Mr. Ranjan Masakorala, the sole proprietor of “The Villa – Unavatuna” expecting to provide the guests with Exclusive, Star Class Facilities & services. Boards can be rented on the beach near the diving schools.

Bird Watching in Koggala

The thick jungle that surrounds the Koggala Lake is preserved as a bird sanctuary.

The guests can take a boat ride in this sprawling lake to see hundreds of birds some of which are endemic to Sri Lanka.

Whale Watching in Mirissa

Nowhere else in the world do whales and dolphins venture so close to the coast and in such numbers as they do off Mirissa. The warm coastal waters off southern Sri Lanka merge with the colder waters of the continental shelf just 10 nautical miles offshore, creating a cycle of rising nutrients that provide nourishment for millions of krill – the tiny crustacean that feeds some of the largest whales in the world.

Sperm, fin, Bryde’s, humpback and even killer whales, as well as large pods of dolphins, are all seen regularly off the coast of Mirissa. But it’s the unrivalled prevalence of blue whales near Mirissa – and their accessibility – that places Sri Lanka at the top of the list of wildlife encounters that every person should try to experience.

Surfing in Mirissa

Mirissa Beach is located close to the very Southern tip of Sri Lanka. While traveling on the Matara road you will encounter one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, the unique Mirissa Beach . Mirissa Beach is rapidly becoming a popular Surfer hangout during the months of November to March when it’s the rainy season on the East coast.

Mirissa beach break is where beginners learn surfing in Mirissa. The Mirissa break is rarely surfed by the experienced except for when the main point is crowded in Mirissa. The wave could generate as far as where the Mirissa main point wave generates but comes a long way to break at the shore. It’s a safe bet if the wave height is more than 7 ft in the main break. The Mirissa Beach break can be found right before the rock cliff of the main point. There are many body boarders who find this point attractive. The wave could close out at times, leaving you stuck in the sand for a second or two if the wave is powerful.

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is a water sport in which an individual rides a jet ski and jumps over waves. It is a sport enjoyed by many who love being in the water and find speed thrilling. Jet Skiing can be enjoyed at many beaches in Sri Lanka such as Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Nilaweli, Weligama, Mirissa and Arugam Bay. A nominal rate is charged and one is requested, not to ignore the advice given by instructors.

If you’re a beginner who just wants to get round without too many falls or a well-seasoned water-sports fan, eager to check out our courses and jumps in Sri Lanka, you’re guaranteed a good time! Full training, on dry land and in the water, is available for both beginners and those more experienced water-skiers who simply want to brush up on their style while on holiday in Sri Lanka.