Unawatuna Beach & Jungle Beach

Beach is small, pristine, truly Romantic and intimate; a graceful Semicircular Curve of sand not much more than a kilometer from start to finish, enclosed by headlands at either end. Set snugly in a pretty semi-circular bay picturesquely terminated by a Dagoba on a rocky headland to the northwest, the beach remains idyllic, while sheltered bay gives year-round swimming and a group of rocks 150m offshore further breaks the waves (though it can still get a bit rough during the monsoon).

Despite the increasing development, the beach side establishments retain and improvised slightly ramshackle quality which is the essence of Unawatuna’s charm for many visitors. It’s easy to spend days here idling purposely between the beach cafes and the ocean, playing endless games of cards or carom – many of the cafes have boards, and the locals are only too pleased to initiate visitors into the game’s mysteries – enjoying the easy pace of life which seems to strike just the right balance between the liveliness and the solemnness.

Jungle Beach

The Jungle Beach is a very nice little beach, next to Unawatuna Beach, hidden in the Roomassala Jungle, away from the masses. Nice relaxed vibe to it and ideal spot for snorkeling along the cliffs. Bit of a hike through the jungle and over the cliff reaches the beach but well worth the effort. Even though it is small, the beach enriches with very clear, calm waters & golden sandy beach which gives visitors an amazing and Romantic Beach Experience..