Whale Watching & Surfing – Mirissa

Whale watching

Whale & Dolphin Watching

whale-watchingNowhere else in the world do whales and dolphins venture so close to the coast and in such numbers as they do off Mirissa. The warm coastal waters off southern Sri Lanka merge with the colder waters of the continental shelf just 10 nautical miles offshore, creating a cycle of rising nutrients that provide nourishment for millions of krill – the tiny crustacean that feeds some of the largest whales in the world.

Sperm, fin, Bryde’s, humpback and even killer whales, as well as large pods of dolphins, are all seen regularly off the coast of Mirissa. But it’s the unrivalled prevalence of blue whales near Mirissa – and their accessibility – that places Sri Lanka at the top of the list of wildlife encounters that every person should try to experience.

Mirissa is the most reliable place in the world to see blue whales – as many as many as 30 have been sighted in one day – yet scientists are still learning about them. Studies only started here in 2006 so there isn’t enough data yet to know exactly what their migratory habits are. Some believe they migrate to Mirissa each year from the Arabian Sea. Others think they never leave.


Mirissa Beach is located close to the very Southern tip of Sri Lanka. While traveling on the Matara road you will encounter one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, the unique Mirissa Beach . Mirissa Beach is rapidly becoming a popular Surfer hangout during the months of November to March when it’s the rainy season on the East coast.

Mirissa beach break is where beginners learn surfing in Mirissa. The Mirissa break is rarely surfed by the experienced except for when the main point is crowded in Mirissa. The wave could generate as far as where the Mirissa main point wave generates but comes a long way to break at the shore. It’s a safe bet if the wave height is more than 7 ft in the main break. The Mirissa Beach break can be found right before the rock cliff of the main point. There are many body boarders who find this point attractive. The wave could close out at times, leaving you stuck in the sand for a second or two if the wave is powerful.